New and improved neurons now online

I'm in the process of reducing power consumption and reclaiming deskspace. One way of accomplishing this is picking up a ALIX2c3 SBC and moving my loghost and IOSlave functions over to it.

The most recent projects/activities are listed below, older entries have been moved to The Cortex.

If there is an item in the list that you can't click on that means I'm still working on it - be patient, it took me a year to get this far:)

My blog page has the back story on most of the projects that are in the Cortex.

People that make my life easier:
Let's start with Dave Dwire, he's the guy that created the background image on the main page. He was a nice guy and let me use it - Thanks Dave!
Eric Raymond, For how to ask questions - common sense is often uncommon