29C3 - My first CCC

Greetings from Hamburg!

I have wanted to go to CCC for years, and this year I got my chance!

I've been to a few conferences in North America and they were good fun combined with a lot of good talks and activities. It can be hard to compare conferences directly so I'll give you the highs and lows and you can judge for yourself.

Good things:
- Easy to get involved
- Very participatory culture
- Volunteer ... CCC can use the help and it's a great way to get involved and meet people
- Everything is scheduled late in the day so jet lag is a non issue

Different things:
- Naturally many things are in German. Good time to learn, better would have been before arriving:)

Bad things:
- Air Canada was late out of the gate in Calgary and blew my cnx in Frankfurt, Bonus points for giving me the 2nd worst seat on the plane.